The Band



Members:Dragomir Ganchev-Vocals

                  Ivan Nestorov-Bass guitar,second vocals

                  Rumen Rachkov-Guitar

                  Nikolay Markovski-Guitar

                  Ognian Petrov-Drums

                  Makis Siopis-Keyboards,Piano

      who is who

Dragomir Ganchev or Drago.









Is the leader of the group Dartanians.Drago is an professional drummer and drummer of Група АТЛАС but in this group is the frontman .He is also the owner of one of the biggest music schools DDS( Drago Drums School) in Bulgaria and teacher too.

Drago was a member of many groups in Bulgaria and in other countries and for a long time was a music teacher in Dubai too.


Ivan Nestorov

Ivan is the last(but not least) member entering the band.A famous Bulgarian Bass player with a great career in Bulgaria and other countries.He is also member of Група АТЛАС and guitar and bass teacher at DDS (Drago drums school)

Nikolay Markovski

Nikolay is a guitar player in Dartanians,amateur musician but very good  guitarist.

He made his first steps with other bands in Bulgaria in Sofia just for fun and now he is a student in DDS and finally he became a popular musician of the band.

Rumen Rachkov

Rumen or Mr Metallica or Mr Stairway to heaven is the other  guitar player of the band.All these nicknames are just because of his love for his favourite rock bands.

Rumen is an amateur guitar player,he is student in DDS and he is the spirit and soul of the band.

Ognian Petrov

Ogi or Googleman is our drummer.Ogi is student in DDS too and he is a professional musician.He participated in other bands  in Bulgaria,he has musical education and he is one of the best drummers in Sofia

Makis Siopis

Makis is the youngest member of Dartanians,he is student in Sofia University and student in DDS

Makis is from Greece,he was the  leader of several bands there and now is the pianist of the band.